Purpose of the State Medical Response System (SMRS)

When healthcare infrastructure is overwhelmed by an event(s) and local and/or mutual aid resources are exhausted or inadequate, the purpose of the SMRS is to:

  • Provide support to that overwhelmed system by supplying the necessary equipment, assets, and/or personnel needed to provide medical care, and
  • To ensure healthcare infrastructure continuity by facilitating the development of resilient systems through operational planning, training, and exercises.

Note: SMRS resources are flexible and scalable. Staffing is dependent upon the availability of mission appropriate SMRS volunteers.

Primary SMRS Operational Missions

Definition: 8 hospital-based teams of a.) Physical assets and resources and/or b.) Medical professionals to provide continuity of business operations for healthcare infrastructure, mass medical care, medical sheltering, alternate care facilities, and assistance with mass prophylaxis points of distribution.

  • State Medical Support Shelter
  • Field Medical Care
  • Logistical support
  • Alternate Care Site

Secondary SMRS Operational Missions

  • Point of distribution/point of dispensing operations – Support public health and/or emergency management, as requested, in POD operations.
  • Isolation/quarantine operations
  • Support public health and/or emergency management, as requested, in isolation/quarantine operations.
  • First-receiver/ First-responder decontamination operations
  • Provide logistical and technical support for patient decontamination operations. (i.e. healthcare organization/requesting jurisdiction, field medical station, or National Mobile Disaster Hospital).

Primary SMRS/SMAT III Operational Missions

Definition: 30 EMS or Fire Department-based teams statewide that is designed to be first line of response if local resources are overwhelmed in the event of a mass medical care/casualty event or decontamination event. These teams are managed by local jurisdiction emergency services or fire organizations.

  • Medical support to decontamination operations
  • Medical support to specialty response teams, such as hazardous materials Regional Response Teams (RRT) or Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)
  • Responder rehabilitation
  • Medical care during mass gatherings/events

Evacuation/medical surge transportation

  • 12 ambulance buses (11 local and 1 federal) to enable transportation and treatment of patients during a mass event or evacuation.

Mission Ready Packages

  • State Medical Support Shelters
Type III
Type II
Type I
















  • Pharmacy Cache
SMRS Pharmacy Cache: MINOR
SMRS Pharmacy Cache: MAJOR
















  • Medical Support Team
Medical Augmentation Team
Disaster Medical Specialist Strike Team
Shelter Medical Support Team
















  • Transportation Packages
ALS Ambulance Strike Team
Ambulance Bus Strike Team
Single Ambulance Bus Team
Medical Transport Task Force
















  • Field Medical Station Packages
Field Medical Station Type I
Field Medical Station Type II
Field Medical Station Type III
Responder Rehab / Minor Medical Type IV







































  • Field Medical Care