About Us

The REVC was first established in March of 2014 with funding support from the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc., (CRCPD) with the charge to:

  1. Establish a team of volunteer radiological emergency responders to assist with setup and staffing of community reception/congregate centers
  2. Develop operational and response guidelines
  3. Integrate the team into emergency response plans
  4. Sustain the team and document all activities to share with other states

On February 2, 2016, the REVC became officially registered with the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) program.  The REVC is an organization of emergency response volunteers trained to respond to radiological emergencies and events for the purpose of assisting local jurisdictions with the set-up and staffing of population monitoring points at community reception centers and other locations as necessary.  At the time of registration, the REVC was the 20th MRC unit established in North Carolina, the 4th unit in the U.S. with a statewide jurisdiction, and the 1st MRC unit in the country with a statewide focus on radiological response.

This continued development of the REVC has been a strong example of interagency cooperation.  The Division of Health Service Regulation, through the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) and the Radiation Protection Section, provides program management, operational support, and technical guidance.  The Division of Public Health provides additional operational support and guidance and the Division of Emergency Management through its Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program helps to integrate the REVC with ongoing planning, training, and exercise activities involving the State’s nuclear power facilities.

Additionally, the REVC is supported by a partnership with the TOREV (Team of Radiological Emergency Volunteers), a sponsored organization of the North Carolina Health Physics Society, and North Carolina’s eight regional Healthcare Preparedness Coalitions (HPC) administered by the Healthcare Preparedness Program.  Volunteers largely consist of radiation safety professionals from the TOREV and health and medical professionals from supporting county-level MRC units, but also includes employees of the divisions listed above and others such as the Department of Agriculture.  With this support, the REVC has become the umbrella organization for the coordination of radiological response volunteers on the state level and is uniquely positioned to provide this capability to local jurisdictions across North Carolina.

Want to know more about the REVC?  Contact the Program Coordinator and see our Media section.  For more about becoming an MRC volunteer, visit the national MRC site.

REVC – Radiological Emergency Volunteer Corps Program Coordinator
Joe Comello
N.C. Office of Emergency Medical Services
Tel: 919-855-3940