HHS emPOWER Map 2.0

HHS emPOWER Map 2.0

Over 2.5 million Medicare beneficiaries rely upon electricity-dependent medical and assistive equipment, such as ventilators and wheel chairs, and cardiac devices in our communities. Severe weather and disasters that cause power outages can be life threatening for these individuals.

How can we empower community and electricity-dependent Medicare beneficiary health resilience?

Every hospital, first responder, electric company, and community member can use the map to find the monthly total of Medicare beneficiaries with electricity-dependent equipment claims at the U.S. state, territory, county, and zip code level and turn on “real-time” natural hazard and NOAA severe weather tracking services to identify areas and populations that may be impacted and are at risk for prolonged power outages.

Together, we can all develop emergency plans and response activities for the whole community and assist our at-risk community members prior to, during and after an emergency.

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