Leadership Profiles

Ed Browning

Business Operations Coordinator
Phone: 919.855.3951

Joseph Comello

Planning and Logistics Coordinator
Phone: 919.855.3940

Loretta Davis

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 919.855.3959

Peggy Handon

Assistant Program Manager
Phone: 919.855.4686

Angela Hicks

Budget Specialist
Phone: 919.855.4672

Paul King

MDH Operations and Logistics Specialist
Phone: 919.855.3935

Roger Kiser

SMRS Operation Coordinator
Phone: 919.855.3843

Ronnie Murtagh

MDH Logistics Coordinator
Phone: 919.855.3935

Toby Proveaux

Communications Specialist
Phone: 919.855.4688


Program Manager
Phone: 919.855.3936

Jan Seagroves

Budget Officer
Phone: 919.855.4668

Brad Thompson

Information Systems Coordinator
Phone: 919.855.3947

Jessica Trembly

Contracts Coordinator
Phone: 919.855.3957