Event & Training Calendar:  The following events are open or may be open (Pending) to participation by the REVC.  Please review the table below, note the status of events provided for REVC volunteers, and mark your calendars accordingly.  For “Scheduled” events, see Event & Training Updates (see below).  For “Pending” training, updates will be sent via ServNC when statuses change to “Scheduled”.




Event & Training Updates:

  • Wake County’s Reception Center training at Sanderson High School will run from 0830-1630. The morning session (0830-1200) will be spent setting up the Reception Center and doing Just-In-Time training and the afternoon (1300-1630) will be the exercise and demobilization.  Lunch will be provided.
  • Lincoln County’s Reception Center trainings at Lincolnton High School have been scheduled but exact times and activities have not yet been set.  Stay tuned.
  • REVC Annual Membership Meeting and Training will be held at the State Emergency Operations Center in Raleigh, NC.  Currently, the agenda is being drafted but is expected to consist of a membership meeting/presentation in the early morning followed by REVC training for the bulk of the day.  Training will cover Modules 5-10 of the REVC Training, see the REVC Training Matrix.  Lunch will be provided and there is expected to be a limited number of scholarships to available to cover lodging costs.